All Work 2015


Owls in a Tree, oil on canvas, 72×60″


You Can Never Not Be, oil and wood on linen, 30×24

_ASP4815 (1)

She is Receiving, oil on linen, 60×48″

_ASP4828 (1)

Devil Inside, oil on linen, 40×30″


Green Glow, oil on canvas, 30×24″

_ASP4870 (1)

Infinite Leaves, oil on canvas, 48×36″


The Veil is Thin, oil on linen, 60×48″


Moving Through the Realms, oil on canvas, 72×60″


Falling Birds, oil on canvas, 40×30″

Big Universe 1

Big Universe, oil on canvas, 30×24″


_ASP4790 (1)







Solo exhibition at Gerhard Hofland Gallery, Amsterdam, opening March 19, 2016

Solo exhibition at One River School, Englewood, NJ, opening January 16, 2016


“You Are Entering”, Solo Exhibition at Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles, Sept 12- Oct 17, 2015

“Natural Selection” at The Hole, New York, with Josh Reames, Alphachanneling, Micheal Dotson, Todd James, Lola Schnabel, and Ryan Michel Ford, till October 11, 2015

Refiguring“, Coburn Projects, London, with Tamara Gonzalez, Austin Eddy, Shara Hughes, and Guy Yanai till Sept 5, 2015


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