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Travel + Leisure October 2015

Ducks, curated b Ryan Travis Christian, Minotaur Projects, LA, CA, March 27th-April 25th, 2015

ArtNet News list of must see booths at Volta fair March 2015

David Shelton list of highlights from Armory week March 2015

“Unconcerned Spirit” on Art Blog Art Blog March 2015

Solo presentation aVOLTA NY with Two Rams Gallery, March5-8. Pier 90, NYC, 2015

Media” curated by Jens-Peter Brask,  at Galleri Jacob Bjorn, Aarhus, Denmark

with Nick Theobald, Martin Aagard Hansen, and Jennie Jieun Lee,  January 17th- February 21st, 2015

“The World Outside”, two person exhibition with Matthew F Fisher, at Old Dominion University,  January 23rd- March 15th, 2015

C-Print Journal Interview

 Paradise Sauna at TSA LA , November 8th– Deceber 6th, 2014

Jennie Jieun Lee

Ryan Schneider

Brian Scott Campbell

Alika Cooper

Jonathan Apgar

Alicia Gibson

Tomer Aluf


RITUAL MAGIC at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery

September 12 – October 4

Opening September 12, 7 – 10 pm

Glen Baldridge
Graham Collins
Ryan Foerster
Ben Phalen
Jenna Ransom
Angline Rivas
Brion Nuda Rosch
Justin Samson
Ryan Schneider
Marnie Weber
Logan White
Nick Van Woert
Scott Wolniak


ET BRASK SPARK reviewed in Magasinet Kunst 

ET BRASK SPARK on TV 2 Denmark

ET BRASK SPARK in Kopenhagen Magasin

“Great Blue Heron” included in “Et Brask Spark“, selections from the collection of Jens-Peter Brask, Munkeruphus, Denmark through September 14th

Ritual for Letting Go”, solo exhibition at Two Rams New York, NY

Interview with Steven Cox of HUNTED PROJECTS

INTERVIEW on Whitewall, April 2014

“The Woods”  included in The Watermill Center benefit auction,

“Feeling Human”, Three person exhibition with Mira Dancy and Austin Eddy, Bleecker Street Arts Club, Curated by Ballast Projects

“Schneids and Heids”: two person exhibition with Daniel Heidkamp at Bendixen Contemporary, Copenhagen

“Baboon is Your Perfect Teacher” featured on the cover of the new album by Death Has No Dominion

Ritual for Letting Go one of Top 5 Must See Shows on Blouin ArtInfo

Ritual for Letting Go on Arrested Motion

‘El Diablo” featured on NYC ART SCENE

Ritual for Letting Go on Art Blog Art Blog

Feeling Human reviewed by Kari Adelaide on Huffington Post

Schneids and Heids on Art Blog Art Blog

In conversation with Katy Diamond Hamer on Eyes Toward the Dove Blog

In conversation with Daniel Heidkamp on BlackBook

Ritual Magic on Purple Diary

Flash Art

Interview on Hunted Projects

Ritual for Letting Go on Blouin ArtInfo April 2014

‘El Diablo” featured on NYC ART SCENE  April 2014

Ritual For Letting Go listed as one of 5 must see shows on ArtInfo  April 2014

Interview on Whitewall, April 2014  April 2014

Ritual for Letting Go on Art Blog Art Blog April 2014

Schneids and Heids on Art Blog Art Blog  October 2013

In conversation with Katy Diamond Hamer on Eyes Toward the Dove Blog  September 2013

In conversation with Daniel Heidkamp on BlackBook September 2013

Bathers on Gallerist NY July 2013

Bathers on Art Fag City JUly 2013

Bathers Video on Blouin Art Info July 2013

Art in America, review of Chicken or Beef? at The Hole, March 2013

Art Galleries in Tel Aviv, Ryan Schneider, Cast a Shadow at Hezi Cohen Gallery, November 2012


The New Yorker, July 2012,

“Yeah We Friends and Shit”

This ebullient show is far from cohesive, but if one were pressed to locate a theme it might be: social anxiety. Matt Keegan laser-cuts the phrase “It’s Not You It’s Me” in a spiralling pattern on a square piece of steel. Natalie Labriola’s fake tombstone is inscribed, “Did I Shave My Legs for This?” Ryan Schneider captures the fraught atmosphere of a gallery opening in his fluorescent-bright painting of a man on his cell phone surrounded by disembodied, open-mouthed heads. Andrew Kuo’s color-coded diagram charts his growing irritation during the twenty-four minutes he waited for a late friend, which includes the observation “Everything I ignore about myself, I end up hating about you.” Through Sept. 8.

Date: Through September 8
Venue: Bienvenu
Venue Address: 529 W. 20th St., New York, N.Y.
Venue Phone: 212-206-7990


ArtInfo,  “Yeah We Friends and Shit” Josee Bienvenu Gallery, July 2012

Art in America, “Pictures of Mie”- Review and interview of “Mie: a Portrait by 35 Artists” at Freight and Volume, February 2012

Dossier Journal, February 2012

Art in America, Review of ‘Send Me Through’ April 2011

Saatchi Online, Reflections on New York  art fair week, March 2011

New American Paintings, Pictures from the VOLTA art fair, 2011

Modern Painters, New York Invades Denmark, March 14th, 2011

The Austin Chronicle, ‘Wild Beasts’ – Arts Review Sep. 23, 2011

New American Paintings, Review of “Wild Beasts” at Champion Contemporary, September 2011

Beautiful Decay, Studio Visit, September 2011


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